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"To those who never knew or met me, im a bitch who care less of ur two cents advices and rude lines u drop on my page coz i hustle hard everyday in my life just to get my rent and food paid, and give my family a comfortable life. If u have prob with that well then a good FUCK YOU will do just fine. Yes im plastic so if u r not gonna recycle, then pls pack ur pretty ass and dispose urself at ease coz as far as u think im wasting my time n cant do what i do forever, nothing lasts forever babe. Be it temporary or permanent, i make decisions for myself and give chances to others. If u aint helping, get outta here coz there is nothing for u to brag about. This is the life i chose to live, friends who stayed willingly, and having a tough life makes me learn something in life "Best things happens when u least expected it to and people who doesnt give up easily gets shits done". If i should fail one day, well Honey, today aint the day and i thank God, my bosses, my contacts, my family and friends who stayed. Those who are long gone, dont come back..."

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