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"Many have asked if it is possible to go for a vacation in Seoul, and come back with a new nose. Well, yes, it is possible. Nowadays, there are even tours that are organized where you do a bit of sight-seeing, followed by a visit to a plastic surgeon to get a procedure done before returning to your country of origin – looking better. Meditours! they call it...

The various types of nose surgery Nu Plastic Surgery clinic offers are as follows:
Augmentation Rhinoplasty
Hump Nose Correction
Deviated Nose Correction
Bulbous Nose Correction
Wide Nose Correction
Short Nose Correction
Long (Hanging) Nose Correction
Alar Correction
Revision Rhinoplasty

I was surprised to learn that a nose job is considered to be a more difficult procedure, compared to double-eyelid surgery..."


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Nose reshaping may also improve your breathing by correcting the structural abnormalities such as a deviated septum. Depending on your goals, the incisions may be hidden within your nose or on the skin that separates the nostrils.
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