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Check out these sites before you decide on going for a plastic surgery procedure…

…Beware of the so-called doctors who perform plastic surgery on your breasts. They could be injecting cooking oil into your body…
In some cases the damage caused by these quacks are so severe that when the patients seek professional help for damage control, it is too late…

Source: The Ugly side of Beauty
As it turned out, the centre’s trained, foreign “specialist” was a fraud, and the heart complication she got from the procedure was nearly fatal..

…there was also a case which a Datin that had passed away when she had a liposuction surgery at …. A few drs were involved in this surgery and apparently the Datin that passed away had high blood pressure and she is a diabetic. These drs should have known the dangers of performing a full body liposuction…

…the pretty female staffs who do not have "pretty" hearts with them and not to mention their pretty-money-minded faces too...

…there was fatal case not too long ago at a clinic in Jalan Raja Laut involving an ex MAS stewardess…

…don’t go under general anaesthesia longer than four hours and don’t do all those procedures at once…

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